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Green Faction is a small local game store in central Malmö, Sweden that opened its doors in the summer of 2017. Since then it's been run by pure dedication and a sincere love for the hobby gaming community. We host weekly events in the store for Magic the Gathering and are home to a large wargaming community. We love the engagement of our community and gladly support and host events in collaboration with our customers.

Our goal is to bring life and companionship to the hobby community in our town.
We sell a wide assortment of miniature games, board games, card games, and hobby supplies. In the Malmö store we also accept trade-ins and offer a vast assortment of Magic the Gathering cards, as well as Star Wars Destiny. If you would like to access our library digitally, please visit our page on Magic Cardmarket.

Note on Covid-19:

We love seeing our customers come through our doors, but more than anything we prioritize your health and well being. Therefore, in accordance with national guidelines, all in-store events are canceled until further notice. In the future, you'll be able to see upcoming events in this nifty calendar!

If you're looking to play Warhammer, Necromunda, Kill Team, Star Wars, Magic the Gathering or really any other game in Malmö - please send us a message! We love bringing our community together. Soon we'll be able to open up the playroom for tournaments and other good stuff. Hang tight!

Green Faction
Rådmansgatan 5

Malmö, 21146
Skåne, Sweden

Tel: +46 76-935 47 02

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